My Blue Angel is better than your Blue ‘Angel’.


My blue angel

It is a gorgeous San Francisco day. I took a brisk walk to power up my mind this morning, marveling at the tribal rhythm of the 9-5, that walks dull-garbed humans listening to clever podcasts that assure their psyches of relevance in their parochial digital circles.

At some point, a quick break for a coffee on the fire escape. Frisky hummingbirds are diving and soaring, celebrating life, beauty, flight and a feast of flies and fruit in urban backyards of late summer. The hummingbirds approach individually, to inspect me in effervescent pause, sweet eye contact melting my worries away. Look! Young kingfishers or blue jays are mimicking them, their nuptial plumage mere flecks of blue to the human eye. Maybe I should keep a bird-feeder. Nah, that’s not natural. Maybe I should get bonsai fruit trees for the fire escape. Are these the same birds from last year? Have they known me for years now? Why do they say Hello?

Suddenly a loud screeching tears the late summer sky, announcing today’s tableau of military pornography. The theme music of war rends everything at a cacophonous 150 decibels on the ground. The neighbourly hummingbirds and kingfishers dart to their trees and a chorus of appeals and explanations flow from one fruit tree to the other, as mother birds comb the air, trying to locate their young. Young birdies fly in hapless circles of traumatized search with distressed melodies that echo my mind.

A brutal realization dawns as it does every year. These sounds duplicate the theme music of  our wars. They are perpetual sounds for many nations where bedtime lullabies, wedding vows, eager exams preparation, dinners, verdant love scenes, rivers, rocks and wind are all fragmented in seconds, when similar flying machines sprinkle democracy around the world.

In San Francisco, they will sprinkle over 150 tons of greenhouse gases this year. They will be lauded below from rooftop parties. Cynical youngsters scream for the Blue Angels, with leaden vivacity of legal narcotics and voices augmented by fermented potions. This love for Blue Angels is asymmetric to their incessant Facebook posts about animal cruelty, Saudi Arabia’s treatment of women, Korean dog-eating traditions or national rallies for that female presidential candidate or whatever outrage the hive-mind prescribes. Mindfulness and human rights remain restricted to their social media personas.

I palm my ears into tight white noise as soon as I hear these ‘Blue Angels’ approach. My own blue angels are my neighbourhood kingfishers, hummingbirds and blue jays. One of them is stridently and repeatedly asking some faceless God a question. He is stuck on it, like a traumatized war child. Can you guess his relentless question? What does he want to know?

Your outrage at Trump is just an affectation

We don’t mourn the loss of humanity in this civilization where we kill innocent people in their beds in their own countries where they speak different languages, sing different songs and  dream of love and peace, because that reality has no place in the packaging of facts.

You are a civilized human and you care about the loss of humanity domestically, in the official treatment of people with different complexions or different tongues, after they won the lottery of entering The States.

Abroad, how many people who look and sound different, do you think, must have died in the last eight years of expanded US wars? I guess this is when you say, “Hey hey, let’s put war aside for a second here.” I say, take a wild guess how many bombs we used to set fire to the rest of the world in 2016, by publicly available information. Take a wild guess, my friend. Did you say >26,000? You are right! The answer is 26,171. Bombs. Official numbers, as researched and reported by Council on Foreign Relations.

So, it must follow that we are either mostly wasting our $4 Trillion annual defense budget or those 26,171 bombs are killing a heck of a lot of people. Which one do you prefer? Or would you like to set it aside for now?

obama 27174



Idolizing politicians is dangerous.

We have to look at politicians as regular job-holders who have a certain budget to spend. That budget includes their paid time on the job description. If we can take a Boeing to task for paying another government for corruption, we should take our government to task for its own corruption. How do we prioritize which action to audit? We look at the dollar amount. All dollars wasted are being taken from the plate of every fifth child in America who, the government officially acknowledges, goes to bed homeless or/and hungry.idolizing-politicians-is-dangerous(7).png

Or why I don’t get invited for dinner

No, people do invite me over for dinner – a lot! Probably for the entertainment value in my foot-in-the-mouth disease 🙂

I am tired of people who are tired of feminists. They all want to impose their idea of womanhood on us. Hey, if a woman wants to skip college and get married or be a single mother- it is her prerogative, just as it would be if she wanted to ride a Harley Davidson. Live with it, haters!

We can get some guns off the streets with a national voluntary gun amnesty progam

As of January 6, 2016, we have already had more than 100 gun related incidents and more than 30 people killed per day!!

We welcome and love the background check initiative from President Obama, but the ATF is already so taxed that it can hardly keep up with its current workload. How will it enforce new laws?

Attorney General Loretta Lynch and President Obama have an opportunity now, with peace loving US citizens traumatized and scarred by gun violence and willing to laud and support efforts to make our streets safe. Let a successful gun amnesty program be the star on their legacy! A gun amnesty allows people to voluntarily hand over any guns they own illegally to law enforcement without facing prosecution for having them in the first place.

Voluntary, anonymous gun amnesty programs conducted by the police have been successful in taking guns off the street- a million guns were surrendered in Brazil. The Australian government simply made some guns illegal and paid gun owners to give up their arms. Gun related homicides fell dramatically while allowing citizens to buy guns legally. Other countries have had similar success. In Oakland, US, people gave up 600 guns in one week. Similar results in single weeks in Boston, Michigan, and Baltimore tell us that this is something that works.

Please sign this petition to plead with Loretta Lynch to set up a gun amnesty program involving law enforcement to run a voluntary, anonymous, gun amnesty program involving citizen organizations to help collect incentives like gift cards, cash, anything that gun owners might like in exchange for guns in working order. It is worth trying.

We must not pass gun violence to the next generation. Let’s take some guns off the street!

Please sign my petition here!

After dark and all the time, escorts for every man

The genders have been culturally segregated in most societies, to various degrees. This practice has been tried and tested to its limits for centuries and women live in the resulting fallout. Tracking men’s whereabouts can surely change that. So, let us have a female escort for men after dark- or heck, all the time!

The segregation of women has stunted their growth in many countries. Take India, where there is cultural sanction to respect women and where women can rise in their professions to the highest levels (female judges and political leaders are common, although sometimes they work out of the same house as their husband who is in ankle bracelets and whom they replaced de jury), we find that women are not considered respectable when they venture outside the house without a male escort. This prevents them from organizing for their rights, socializing with each other or just fighting for the “Right to Loiter”, without the eyes and ears of men automatically censoring the words they speak. In whole swathes of rural India (Take remote Rajasthan), all women can be in a segregated or submissive position at any moment. While women don’t need to dominate men, we do need to monitor men’s whereabouts and thus prevent rape.  Society should scrutinize all men seen loitering in the wee hours at night, in the same way it questions women’s integrity for the same behavior, all around the world.

Rapists are known to their victims. All around the world, 98% of men who rape children, women, other men and animals, are known to their victims. We can solve this problem by having a female escort for all men. When men enter or leave a building or a room or a toilet or a backyard or a hospital or temple, a woman might approve his passage. If men want to gather in public, the group must meet in enclosed venues that women monitor. Men at home must have permission to be in a room with anyone they could potentially rape, even if that home is The White House or a Saudi palace.

Rapist men often rape in pairs and groups. Women might want to start monitoring the friendships of their male family members. Just like my father did with any male visiting me from college in India, women must sit with their sons and listen to their conversations with male companions, to make sure that no evil influences corrupt their sons. I want to believe that many of the rapists in gang rapes would not like to brutalize another human, but they have no way to overcome the peer pressure. Let’s remove that peer pressure. Let’s monitor the prominent men, explore their motivations and groups Then ban any exclusive male clubs.

Most men are not rapists. However, the reputation of a man is never tarnished when he exercises his right to flirt, speak up, dance or socialize. Women, especially single or articulate women, are currently viewed as fair game for gossip and speculation. I live in San Francisco and I find that this is true here all the time, even though this is Elysium. We could, instead, be deeply suspicious of men who make lewd jokes, smoke cigarettes, drink too much or exhibit signs of intellectual competence, instead of attributing that to some kind of desirable manly quality. That will balance it all out.

As the single civilization that the world has become, we have failed in evolving our public discourse. The media has been debasing every conversation for its own gain. Trolls of all shades colour our collective analyses of world events.  People recoil in horror from media content with any semblance of critical thinking or science. Let us also exercise our right to be obnoxious and make an absurd demand for female chaperons for all men. Aim for the moon..












Primed for peak totalitarianism (say it twice)



No right answers. Read on and we’ll understand the need for the poll above.

  1. We all live in camps. No? Explain why we can’t even roam the earth as free animals- our passports are leashes unless we are from a wealthy camp.
  2. Muslims worldwide have become the raison d’etre, a la mode, for buying military gear
  3. Sikh women in the US are being attacked mercilessly by Islamophobes who think they are Muslim
  4. Donald Trump and Netanyahu are in courtship shenanigans
  5. Drones kill at least 10 times more civilians than ‘targets’ without trial
  6. We earn extra money with our last drop of sweat, only to fund the perpetual war machine
  7. War corporations sell more shares
  8. Oil is cheap, regardless of the advice of scientists
  9. There is an absence of statesmen on the world stage
  10. Pretenders to the title of statesmen only negotiate arms deals
  11. The poor have become props to make us feel better about ourselves
  12. Bigotry is the only thing that unites us anymore
  13. Guns don’t kill people; toddlers kill people
  14. US law enforcement and military have self-declared white supremacists (above, a recent photo from Citadel,a military training institute)
  15. Our attention span is stunted by ridiculous pleasure and relentless struggle

I want to be wrong. Tell me it ain’t so.

How would you feel if Mario Wood were a white woman of the same height, in a pink dress? How dark or how masculine does one have to be to make it ok for a public firing squad to kill one at point blank range?

India has a Mob Violence Problem

mob violence

The average Indian city-dweller of the seventies was curious, eager to learn new cultures, romantic and mostly upright. As India grows in GDP and economic glory, there isn’t enough largesse to protect the idealist everyman. Congested cities have been breeding a sort of desperate, clawing, frustrated and aspiring Indian who has turned away from his conscience.

This week, while Prime Minister Narendra Modi was being wooed in the US by Silicon Valley companies vying for market share in India, a curious mob murder was triggered by an announcement in a Hindu temple– recently a Muslim family had allegedly enjoyed a meal containing beef (after Mr. Modi’s government had banned it arbitrarily in the area, while allowing Hindu families to butcher beef for export). The family head, a 50 yr man, father to an Indian Air Force personnel, had his head smashed in by an angry mob of more than 100 Hindu men who also brutalized his 70yr mother and other family members. For now, I will put aside the fact that the police collected evidence, meat from the victim’s fridge to test for bovine DNA. I will also ignore the fact that the victim’s son is in the Indian Air Force. The murderer was a mob.  In 2014, a perfunctory look at mob violence in India made me write the paragraphs below. It is emotionally exhausting to research this subject. Daily harassing peaceful human rights activist gatherings as mobs, the Indian administration has not named mob violence as a focus for law enforcement.

30th September, 2014, a scarce 2 days since Modi’s Madison Square rah-rah about India, I watched a video that captured a Delhi mob attacking 3 African men, even as they stood in a Delhi Police Booth. There must have been at least a hundred Indians wielding cameras on their phone, who were not participating, but who did not have the spine to intervene. The police were unable to take control of their own booth for at least 10 minutes. That the sticks and stones thrown at the African men came, not from one or ten assailants, but from every direction in the huge, ridiculous mob that chanted jingoistic exclamations of national pride, just proves that ultimately, Indians give quicker expression to their bigotry than ever.

28 September, 2014: American Congressmen and sundry celebrity flotsam paid their respects to Narendra Modi, the Indian prime minister who once mocked a Muslim man, Ehsan Jafri, on a telephone conversation. Jafri had called Modi to send law enforcement to protect him and his Muslim neighbours, who were in the path of a large Hindu mob that was killing Muslims. Modi taunted him, sent no police help, looked the other way, and Jafri and his neighbours were brutally dismembered soon after the call.

As a gesture of love for Modi, a mob of his Hindu supporters in New York assaulted a journalist who had documented the grievances of those who question his integrity.

August, 2014: A mob beat a woman, 55, to death, because she allowed her daughter to wear jeans.

July, 2014: A mob beat a man to death in reaction to a false rumour that he may have raped a 7 year old girl.

June, 2014: A mob of Shiv Sena supporters went on a rioting spree until they found a random Muslim boy to kill because someone posted distorted images of their Hindu leaders on Facebook.

May, 2014: A small mob of 9 men lynched a teenage boy for beginning a love affair with a girl from a higher caste.

Throughout 2012 and 2013, girls were publicly molested in pubs, resorts and parks by mobs on moral policing patrol. These mobs were most often members of Hindu religious groups, purportedly preserving Indian culture when they were assaulting the girls, sometimes with policemen and TV crew documenting the events.

There are so many lynchings in India that we even had this lynching that I think is ok, because the 200 strong mob of women, were victims of the the victim, who had been raping them and other women from 300 families for too long, with no police intervention.

Dirty Business: India’s “Coalgate” story and Ramesh Agarwal, the environmental activist

Here is a little video about Ramesh Agarwal, who won the Goldman Prize 2014 for environmental activism. He prevented some large scale land-grabbing in Chattisgarh, India, by tracking new development projects on tribal lands and preventing their implementation.

English video is just below the Hindi one.



Read more about Ramesh Agarwal here: