Be your own expert.

  • When one writes about a human rights issue on Facebook, there is mini-hysteria amongst one’s friends, who wonder what is wrong with one’s life and why this obsession with rape/poverty/extremism/war/reality?
  • Most people will find that there is at least one human right that they care deeply about. Wanna test out my theory? Take away their rights and see.
  • People post articles on my social media, instead of their own, when they have a little brain muddle about someone’s human rights being violated.

Once I hear of an issue, I cannot forget about it. The stories pile up daily from my media consumption, guided by algorithms and targeted content, pinpointing me to all kinds of crimes against the human rights of people. All I have as an end result is just a meta-level knowing that today’s world is a tournament between rich and poor and that the winners will indeed take all. Too many human beings are living in a state of fear and high alert. I hope you can learn at least one thing on this blog today.

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