Your outrage at Trump is just an affectation

We don’t mourn the loss of humanity in this civilization where we kill innocent people in their beds in their own countries where they speak different languages, sing different songs and  dream of love and peace, because that reality has no place in the packaging of facts.

You are a civilized human and you care about the loss of humanity domestically, in the official treatment of people with different complexions or different tongues, after they won the lottery of entering The States.

Abroad, how many people who look and sound different, do you think, must have died in the last eight years of expanded US wars? I guess this is when you say, “Hey hey, let’s put war aside for a second here.” I say, take a wild guess how many bombs we used to set fire to the rest of the world in 2016, by publicly available information. Take a wild guess, my friend. Did you say >26,000? You are right! The answer is 26,171. Bombs. Official numbers, as researched and reported by Council on Foreign Relations.

So, it must follow that we are either mostly wasting our $4 Trillion annual defense budget or those 26,171 bombs are killing a heck of a lot of people. Which one do you prefer? Or would you like to set it aside for now?

obama 27174



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