We can get some guns off the streets with a national voluntary gun amnesty progam

As of January 6, 2016, we have already had more than 100 gun related incidents and more than 30 people killed per day!!

We welcome and love the background check initiative from President Obama, but the ATF is already so taxed that it can hardly keep up with its current workload. How will it enforce new laws?

Attorney General Loretta Lynch and President Obama have an opportunity now, with peace loving US citizens traumatized and scarred by gun violence and willing to laud and support efforts to make our streets safe. Let a successful gun amnesty program be the star on their legacy! A gun amnesty allows people to voluntarily hand over any guns they own illegally to law enforcement without facing prosecution for having them in the first place.

Voluntary, anonymous gun amnesty programs conducted by the police have been successful in taking guns off the street- a million guns were surrendered in Brazil. The Australian government simply made some guns illegal and paid gun owners to give up their arms. Gun related homicides fell dramatically while allowing citizens to buy guns legally. Other countries have had similar success. In Oakland, US, people gave up 600 guns in one week. Similar results in single weeks in Boston, Michigan, and Baltimore tell us that this is something that works.

Please sign this petition to plead with Loretta Lynch to set up a gun amnesty program involving law enforcement to run a voluntary, anonymous, gun amnesty program involving citizen organizations to help collect incentives like gift cards, cash, anything that gun owners might like in exchange for guns in working order. It is worth trying.

We must not pass gun violence to the next generation. Let’s take some guns off the street!

Please sign my petition here!

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