After dark and all the time, escorts for every man

The genders have been culturally segregated in most societies, to various degrees. This practice has been tried and tested to its limits for centuries and women live in the resulting fallout. Tracking men’s whereabouts can surely change that. So, let us have a female escort for men after dark- or heck, all the time!

The segregation of women has stunted their growth in many countries. Take India, where there is cultural sanction to respect women and where women can rise in their professions to the highest levels (female judges and political leaders are common, although sometimes they work out of the same house as their husband who is in ankle bracelets and whom they replaced de jury), we find that women are not considered respectable when they venture outside the house without a male escort. This prevents them from organizing for their rights, socializing with each other or just fighting for the “Right to Loiter”, without the eyes and ears of men automatically censoring the words they speak. In whole swathes of rural India (Take remote Rajasthan), all women can be in a segregated or submissive position at any moment. While women don’t need to dominate men, we do need to monitor men’s whereabouts and thus prevent rape.  Society should scrutinize all men seen loitering in the wee hours at night, in the same way it questions women’s integrity for the same behavior, all around the world.

Rapists are known to their victims. All around the world, 98% of men who rape children, women, other men and animals, are known to their victims. We can solve this problem by having a female escort for all men. When men enter or leave a building or a room or a toilet or a backyard or a hospital or temple, a woman might approve his passage. If men want to gather in public, the group must meet in enclosed venues that women monitor. Men at home must have permission to be in a room with anyone they could potentially rape, even if that home is The White House or a Saudi palace.

Rapist men often rape in pairs and groups. Women might want to start monitoring the friendships of their male family members. Just like my father did with any male visiting me from college in India, women must sit with their sons and listen to their conversations with male companions, to make sure that no evil influences corrupt their sons. I want to believe that many of the rapists in gang rapes would not like to brutalize another human, but they have no way to overcome the peer pressure. Let’s remove that peer pressure. Let’s monitor the prominent men, explore their motivations and groups Then ban any exclusive male clubs.

Most men are not rapists. However, the reputation of a man is never tarnished when he exercises his right to flirt, speak up, dance or socialize. Women, especially single or articulate women, are currently viewed as fair game for gossip and speculation. I live in San Francisco and I find that this is true here all the time, even though this is Elysium. We could, instead, be deeply suspicious of men who make lewd jokes, smoke cigarettes, drink too much or exhibit signs of intellectual competence, instead of attributing that to some kind of desirable manly quality. That will balance it all out.

As the single civilization that the world has become, we have failed in evolving our public discourse. The media has been debasing every conversation for its own gain. Trolls of all shades colour our collective analyses of world events.  People recoil in horror from media content with any semblance of critical thinking or science. Let us also exercise our right to be obnoxious and make an absurd demand for female chaperons for all men. Aim for the moon..












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