Primed for peak totalitarianism (say it twice)



No right answers. Read on and we’ll understand the need for the poll above.

  1. We all live in camps. No? Explain why we can’t even roam the earth as free animals- our passports are leashes unless we are from a wealthy camp.
  2. Muslims worldwide have become the raison d’etre, a la mode, for buying military gear
  3. Sikh women in the US are being attacked mercilessly by Islamophobes who think they are Muslim
  4. Donald Trump and Netanyahu are in courtship shenanigans
  5. Drones kill at least 10 times more civilians than ‘targets’ without trial
  6. We earn extra money with our last drop of sweat, only to fund the perpetual war machine
  7. War corporations sell more shares
  8. Oil is cheap, regardless of the advice of scientists
  9. There is an absence of statesmen on the world stage
  10. Pretenders to the title of statesmen only negotiate arms deals
  11. The poor have become props to make us feel better about ourselves
  12. Bigotry is the only thing that unites us anymore
  13. Guns don’t kill people; toddlers kill people
  14. US law enforcement and military have self-declared white supremacists (above, a recent photo from Citadel,a military training institute)
  15. Our attention span is stunted by ridiculous pleasure and relentless struggle

I want to be wrong. Tell me it ain’t so.

How would you feel if Mario Wood were a white woman of the same height, in a pink dress? How dark or how masculine does one have to be to make it ok for a public firing squad to kill one at point blank range?

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